[Marxism] RE: Quoting Winston Churchill- My email from the Nader/ Camejo Campaign

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 11 07:55:28 MDT 2004

Brian, you are exactly right here.  Why, of all the people to quote, does 
the national director of volunteers for Nader pick Churchill?

Brian Shannon..
<<An appropriate quote could have come from Frederick Douglass or Debs
and hundreds of others. Regarding tone, which is what this is about, Camejo 
does a lot of this
too. It is hard to overlook his past pandering to Bustamonte and
others. Fortunately he seems to have certain political positions beyond
which he will not go. And I agree that it is important to present
radical ideas without appearing like a "nut.">>

And as regarding appearing like a nut?  What strikes me about this is 
exactly the nuttiness of it.  If you are offerring a Left alternative to the 
US public, then don't go out an quote the Right.  It makes your campaign 
look nutty.

Interesting also are the responses of Mark and Walter here, too.   Mark 
conjectures that I invented the email appeal by Nader's campaign by an act 
of personal creative fiction on my part!   And says that since I used the 
name "Osama', that I'm basically just a stupid bastard for bringing the 
whole thing up about this so typical approach of the Nader/ Camejo electoral 
combat machine.

I saw Nader at a Green rally in 2000, and this volunteer appeal in 2004 is 
the same old hat that I saw with the rally cheerleading the election of 
Vicente Fox at the time at that rally in San Antonio.  Nutty then, and nutty 
now.  A Left alternative has to openly turn away from cheering Rightists.  
If not, you begin to just look like a nutty alternative.  And isn' this the 
Democratic Party line on Nader?  That he's just a nut?

Now to Walter's throwing yet more Winston Churchill quotes at me....

Walter <<One of Churchill's most famous sayings, and which I've
loved ever since I discovered it, is one which we ought
to pay close attention to among political leftists in
the so-called "advanced" capitalist countries where it
is often more a propos than many may be aware. It was:


This too confuses the issue.  Nobody really demands perfection of Nader.  I 
didn't demand perfection of the SWP leadership when I was in the SWP.  I did 
expect that they needed to not act nutty, or they would disintegrate, which 
is exactly what happened.

In similar vein, Nader has to not run around looking for panaceas from the 
Right for his Left alternative.  The old SWP found no panacea in the US 
industrial sector of the working class, and Nader has no panacea for 
building a Left alternative in the US with his electoral machinations.

So here's a Tony Abdo quote for Walter Lippmann.


And for the doubting Mark Lause, below is the entire email from the Nader 
campaign that I received.



"Courage is the first of human qualities, because it is the quality which 
guarantees all others."
-- Winston Churchill

As everyone has probably realized, the Nader campaign is heavily focused on 
ballot access. The obstacles for a third-party or Independent candidacy are 
unfathomable. There are states with unusually early signature turn-in 
deadlines, such as TX, AZ, IL and IN. There are states with unusually high 
signature requirements, such as CA, GA, OK, NC and TX. Then, there are the 
19+ swing-states that the Democrats have made it their job to stop us from 
achieving ballot access. This has been their stated goal. They will not 
succeed because of valiant volunteers like you. See where your state stands!

Here's what you can do: Be more informed! Read what's happening through the 
Nader press releases. Start a letter-writing campaign with your friends and 
flood the media. Speak out! Be a walking Nader/Camejo message! Purchase your 
merchandise today! Get your T-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers and use 
them proudly. Also, print-off the many new posters available from the 
website and present them in your neighborhood!! Or from the comfort of your 
own home, throw a Nader House Party !!

Don't forget to go to your local Nader Meet-Up THIS THURSDAY at 7pm. 
(Meet-Up's are not organized by the Nader campaign, it is up to you to make 
them happen by participating in the voting process and rsvp-ing)

Have a great week!!!

National Volunteer Coordinator

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