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Wed Aug 11 09:05:35 MDT 2004

(A frequent argument on behalf of Kerry is that he would have not 
invaded Iraq after 9/11. He might be an imperialist but is not a rash, 
adventuristic unilateralist. Guess what, folks. He is a rash, 
adventuristic unilateralist. He might not be a born-again Christian and 
might favor stem-cell research, but on the burning question of the day, 
he and Bush are agreed.)

Kerry Defends Position on Iraq
Democrat Says He Would Reduce U.S. Troops Within 6 Months

By Jim VandeHei and Mary Fitzgerald
Washington Post Staff Writers
Sunday, August 8, 2004; Page A04

LA JUNTA, Colo., Aug. 7 -- On his whistle-stop swing through the West, 
Sen. John F. Kerry has been pulled into two issues he rarely touches on 
in his campaign speeches to the party faithful: his support of the Iraq 
war and his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Kerry, who is trying to focus on less divisive issues, such as health 
care, during his train trip through battleground states, was pushed into 
the spotlight on Iraq and same-sex marriage by President Bush, local 
reporters -- and a fellow Democratic senator from the swing state of 

Sen. Russell Feingold (D-Wis.) told the Capital Times in Madison on 
Thursday that Kerry and his running mate Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) were 
"wrong" to vote for the congressional resolution authorizing the war and 
later against the $87 billion to fund it. His comments mark one of the 
few times a Democratic senator has spoken critically of the party's 
ticket in the general-election campaign.

They should have voted "no against an unwise war and yes to support the 
troops," as he did, Feingold told the newspaper.

Stephanie Cutter, Kerry's communications director, said Kerry "voted to 
hold [former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein] accountable and continues to 
believe that it was the right thing to do. After witnessing the way in 
which the president went to war, Senator Kerry voted against the $87 
billion because it was wrong to give a blank check to the president for 
a failed policy."

Bush is stepping up pressure on Kerry to declare whether it was right to 
oust Hussein, despite the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in 
Iraq. Steve Schmidt, a Bush campaign spokesman, said the president would 
not only have still ousted Hussein, but not adjusted the strategy or 
timing of the military strike. "Unequivocal answer: [Bush] would have 
removed Saddam when we did," Schmidt wrote via e-mail.

Knowing then what he knows today about the lack of weapons of mass 
destruction in Iraq, Kerry still would have voted to authorize the war 
and "IN ALL PROBABILITY" would have launched a military attack to oust 
Hussein by now if he were president, Kerry national security adviser 
Jamie Rubin said in an interview Saturday. As recently as Friday, the 
Massachusetts senator had said he only "might" have still gone to war.

full: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A48708-2004Aug7.html


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