[Marxism] RE: Quoting Winston Churchill- My email from the Nader/Camejo Campaign

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed Aug 11 09:58:25 MDT 2004

Anyone who thinks, as Tony Abdo, that there is a "Nader/ Camejo
electoral combat machine" is probably too busy writing letter to Santa
Claus or talking to Elvis to listen to any line of reasoning.  

Still, hope springs eternal...

Tony wrote, "Nader/ Camejo quotes Winston Churchill!"  I asked for the
particulars demonstrating that either Nader or Camejo had done this and
implied that he was engaged once more in elaborating his rich political
fantasy life.  With characteristic honesty, Tony twists this simply into
a charge that he "invented the email appeal by Nader's campaign by an
act of personal creative fiction on my part!"  ...and he fails even to
meet the feeble documentary requirement that Nader or Camejo quoted

...not that I see anything inherently wrong with quoting Churchill or
Jefferson or Jesus.  What I think is wrong is just slandering other
radicals to demonstrate one's comforting self-delusion of political

A bored member of the list might find it entertaining to post such crap,
but it's about as useful as strolling into a bar and belching the

Finally, Tony's periodic homages to Osama have been persistent enough to
where I don't think it's simply that he's entertaining himself by trying
to sound provocative.  He wouldn't do it if he didn't believe, in some
part, that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend."  I would like to
caution him against even playing with such stupidities.  

Osama is a mass murdering psychopathic fanatic.  There can be any number
of these in the world at the same time and there's no rule to say that
they have to get along.  If one is your enemy, the other is no less your

Mark L.

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