[Marxism] A nickel's worth of difference?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 11 11:41:42 MDT 2004

Walter Lippmann wrote:
> There seem to be no attacks on Bush posted to Marxmail,
> only attacks on Kerry. I keep wondering why that is?

Because there are no illusions in Bush, while leftist illusions in Kerry 
are widespread. Marxmail gets read by lots of leftists who are into 
Kerry. They should be reminded of how big a mistake this is.

> Bush is a terrible president and he should be defeated!
> Saying he should be defeated isn't the same as saying
> Kerry should be embraced, but Bush SHOULD be repudiated.

How is voting for Kerry supposed to repudiate Bush? Was a vote for Nixon 
in 1968 supposed to be a repudiation of Humphrey? Although I would never 
support Howard Dean, I could see how a Dean-Bush race might be seen in 
these terms, but Kerry versus Bush is like Tweedledee-Tweedledee. Not on 
stem cell research. Not on visits to Cuba. But just about everything else.

> It surprises me that so few people on Marxmail actually
> say Bush should be defeated. Maybe that's because some
> think it would be better if he WEREN'T defeated?

I am totally indifferent to who wins the election in 2004 because the 
American people will end up as losers anyhow.

> It would be a great thing for the world if Bush were 
> repudiated by the public in the United States. And to
> say that, doesn't say Kerry is better, but I do think
> that the protest movements would in fact be energized
> if Bush were repudiated, and they would also protest
> Kerry's war moves when the inevitably come.

Who is supposed to lead these anti-Kerry protests? The same CP and CofC 
led coalition that failed to mount a serious protest in Boston?

> Nevertheless, he stressed, Kerry does not offer a
> government program that is really an alternative to Bush.
> “The person who has an alternative program is Ralph Nader
> [the independent candidate], but we already know – in view
> of the traditional structures of U.S. elections – that he
> will not win,” Alarcón said.

I can certainly understand why Cuba might prefer to have Kerry in power 
than Bush. But we are trying to build a revolutionary movement in the 
USA, not administer the economic and political affairs of a beleagured 
socialist island. If anything, the Nader campaign is just as quixotic as 
the Granma expedition. If we wait for the day when our tasks are not 
quixotic, we might as well quit right now.


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