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"We all know that the so-called "war on drugs" is a fake war in that the US,
the DEA actually controls this whole thing..."

Canadian Liberal Imperialists:
Organizers of the Invasion and Occupation of Haiti
by Charles Boylan
August 9, 2004

 Charles Boylan Interviews Haitian activist Jean Saint-Vil, July 16, 2004

Charles: Jean, welcome to the show. You've recently been speaking at public
events, providing people with an education about an aspect of the history of
Latin America and the Caribbean, specifically, Haiti, where you are from
originally. Attending your presentation last night, I found this very
enlightening. Tell us a little bit about your presentation and last night's
meeting in Vancouver.

Jean: Last night I had the pleasure and honor of being invited by StopWar.ca
to make a presentation, entitled, "Haiti: Fighting White Supremacist
Terrorism: Before Napolean I, Beyond Bush II." The presentation focused on
the fact that the history of terrorizing people on the American continent is
something that really begins in full force with the arrival of Christopher
Columbus in 1492, and that this has specifically targeted non-whites.

Unfortunately, the current definition of terrorism finds that it's only
terrorism when it affects Europeans. This has damaged people's appreciation
about the sources and roots of violence in modern society and the history of
it. So, I made an effort to present the situation in Haiti in its larger
context, in the context of violence that has been waged specifically against
African peoples, starting with the arrival of Europeans on the American
continent in 1492, and explaining how the struggle that we see currently
going on in Haiti is directly related to this struggle that is ongoing
throughout Latin America.


Charles: How deeply is Canada involved?

Jean: With regards specifically to the situation in Haiti, Canada did not
play a passive role, as some people might try to grasp from what they're
reading in the news. Canada was actually quite active. Few people realize
that in January of 2003 there was a meeting in Ottawa that was called by the
Canadian foreign affairs department, and high officials from the US, Latin
America, dubbed the "Ottawa Initiative in Haiti." The subject of the meeting
as reported by Michel Vastel in L'Actualite of March 15, 2003 was "Aristide
Must Go" and 'it's not the Haitian opposition asking for it, but foreign
ministers of Western democracies, at the invitation of Canada'.

That was a full year before the coup took place, and that's what a lot of
people are now beginning to realize, that the real story about what's
happening in Haiti is not the coup, which did happen, but it's the story of
the occupation of that island by forces that made that decision years ahead
of time. People are saying, "why would they want to invade Haiti, what's the
point? As far as we know there are no major resources on the islands, etc."

When you look at the geopolitics of it, the position of Haiti in relation to
Cuba, and we know the mentality of Baby Bush and his dream of toppling
[Venezuelan President] Chavez, and [Cuban President] Castro, and the fact
that when you're in Haiti you can see Cuba. Now of course they already have
Guantanamo so it's not as if they're not already well situated. In between
Haiti and Cuba is where the boats travel to get to the Panama Canal, and
that's the major drug route.

We all know that the so-called "war on drugs" is a fake war in that the US,
the DEA actually controls this whole thing to fund, for example, the Contras
in Nicaragua, and this so called uprising in Haiti by funding the Haitian
paramilitaries for at least two years while they were in the Dominican

So there are a number of reasons why having full access and control of a
puppet regime in Haiti would be useful for the US not merely for the sake of
Haiti to have the sweatshops operating, or for multinationals to use the
Africans in Haiti, to make t-shirts and assembly line electronic production.
That's not the main issue; it's also as a strategic position to help them
achieve what they want to achieve in the rest of Latin America. For, as you
know, whereas the spectrum of politics in North America and in Europe has
been going to the far right. Basically you have right wing governments all
over the place. In Latin America you have something else happening, left
wing governments. So having control and toppling the unsubdued government in
Haiti is kind of like a trial for what they might be doing in other places
such as Venezuela, if these governments don't submit to the new religion,
which is neoliberal policies.


Charles Boylan, Producer and Co-Host of Wake Up With Co-Op! at 102.7 FM in
Vancouver, B.C., interviewed Jean Saint-Vil, on Friday, July 16, 2004,
following an evening forum in Vancouver sponsored by Stopwar.ca. Boylan, who
also hosts DISCUSSION every Wednesday night 7 to 8 p.m. PDT (live at
www.coopradio.org) has been active four decades in the Canadian communist
and anti-imperialist movement, and for several years has been the
spokesperson for the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) in British

Jean Saint Vil, aka Jafrikayiti (www.jafrikayiti.com) spoke in Vancouver on
July 15, 2004. Jafrikayiti is tha author of Viv Bondye, aba Relijyon [Long
Live God, Down With Religion] For pre-coup context, see his "Time to Stop
Resisting Haiti's Resistance." Jean also recently attended and spoke at the
The Conference to Build a Worldwide African Revolutionary Organization, July
17-18 in London.

* Transcribed by Anthony Fenton.

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