[Marxism] Re: [caligreenparty] Phony Leadership Has Donkey Ears! (response to Sasson et al)

DHE cuibono at rcip.com
Wed Aug 11 17:02:23 MDT 2004

Well, now that the spam-storm seems to have subsided a bit, here's what I
see through the powdersmoke:

The Green Party as it exists at this pt in time is fucked.  (Please excuse
my resort to the vernacular -- if there was any other word available to
convey my meaning with the same precision, I would have used it. I'm sorry
if I've offended you).

Actually it has been in that condition for a long time -- it just took the
recent series of events to reveal it to all the world.

What needs to happen next: a complete separation from the Cobbite leaders,
who have revealed themselves to be nothing but Krypto-Kerryites. Many of
them are too close to "liberal zionism"* for comfort anyway.

Forget the "progressive" rhetoric -- talk is cheap. The objective effect of
their actions is to support the continuation of the War -- the war on Iraq,
the war on Haiti, the war on civil liberties, civil rights & living
standards here in the US.

Probably most of them have learned the salesman's art of Doublethink, which
allows one to believe one's own PR: the prize they have their eyes on is
their own advancement & personal aggrandizement -- while kidding themselves
& the public that they're doing it out of altruism:) In many cases it's just
Ego, love of the limelight. Hohum.

It's worth repeating: talk is cheap. The fact is that Cobb & Co have
performed a major service to the Military/Technological Complex (for which
they will in the course of time be duly rewarded -- cf. Run Jesse Run;
and/or convicted felon Oliver North et al).

 As for those well-meaning folks who have been duped into supporting the
"Cobbotage" coup de campaign, let them find their way back to solid ground
in their own time -- but don't entrust them with any but the most menial
responsibilities until they prove that they aren't just infiltrating,
positioning themselves again, aiming to derail the next positive impulse
that arises.

Meanwhile, the rest of us who are actually interested in creating an
alternative power base in the electoral arena, an alternative immune to
influence from the Duopoly and their big-bucks backers, need to support
Nader-Camejo as much as we can until Nov 2 -- and at the same time start
thinking about what we'll need to do after that date.

Which includes some ruthless self-examination re how we allowed ourselves to
be put in this position, where our candidate is not even on the ballot in
the key Green state in the entire Union!

How did all that momentum generated in 2000 get diverted in to the current
blind alley?

Yes, we know what the Demogreens did in the Southern states. We need to
review exactly what tactics they deployed. We need to review exactly how &
why which CA Green leaders led the charge to market this Texas Democratic
Party Operative/hard-sell huckster to the CA Green rank&file.

 But we also need to review the way the Nader forces responded. Which from
here looks a little strange. ??

Well, if anyone is moved to respond to this via the list, please mention
Donkey Ears in your subject line -- I don't have time to read everything
that comes on the caligreen list, there's just too much of it. Thanks,

Dan Elliott
Sacramento P&F,
Sac Area Organizer, Million Worker March

*Actually there is no such animal as "liberal zionism" -- that's like saying
"Liberal Apartheid" or "Liberal Fascism":)

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  Subject: RE: [caligreenparty] Phony Leadership Has No Ears for Grassroots!

  Dear fellow fighter for social justice:

  Please do not leave the Greens. Do what you need to do this election cycle
  and more power to you. But not winning a fight to reopen a discussion that
  was already had a number of times is not the same as not being listened
  Sometimes we lose. It just happens. If that were a reason not to continue
  fighting we could all give up.

  I look forward to working alongside you to build the kind of party we
  There will be life after 2004.

  yours in struggle.


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  Subject: [caligreenparty] Phony Leadership Has No Ears for Grassroots!
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