[Marxism] Quoting Winston Churchill and not looking like a "nut"

Jose G. Perez elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net
Wed Aug 11 21:06:16 MDT 2004

	Here we go again ... the same old tired ultraleft utopian
socialist windbaggery about Camejo having run a right wing campaign for
Governor and all the rest of it.

	The plain FACT is that Nader and Camejo have succeeded in
getting a mass hearing, whereas the simon-pure "socialist" election
campaigns of the SWP, despite a massive radicalization and independent
political action on the streets, never managed to break out of the
purest "Leninist" vanguardist isolation.

	WHY? Because following the Zinovievist-Trotskyist-Cannonist
strategy of sect-building, the SWP used its election campaign to
*preach* socialism at working people.

	Politics BEGINS, Lenin once said, where the MILLIONS are. 


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