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JGP>         WHY? Because following the Zinovievist-Trotskyist-Cannonist
JGP> strategy of sect-building, the SWP used its election campaign to
JGP> *preach* socialism at working people.
JGP>         Politics BEGINS, Lenin once said, where the MILLIONS are.

   No, Lenin, or whomever one is attributing this quote, certainly not  
said, where millions simply _ARE,_ but where millions are _in_  

   And it is not necessary millions; currently here in Germany, there  
are "only" several tens of thousands in the streets against the latest  
antisocial law, and already the government is making concessions.

   What is important, is _class_ action, when masses of workers start  
acting on their own and for their interests, not where they are sucked  
in for the jockeying of this and that contender for the post of CEO of  
the current world empire.

   Breaking open the class divide, not plastering over it ("WE have a  
budget crisis" - Camejo) is on the order of the day.

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