[Marxism] Re Kerry would have Gone to war

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at rogers.com
Thu Aug 12 05:11:17 MDT 2004

Ilyenkova wrote:

> Basta Ya! Enough from the Grandell's-- "To speak the truth in all
> things..."as Trotsky demanded. If the the ABB crowd wants to remain
criminally ignorant
> so be it. But stop insulting the intelligence of this list with claims
> Kerry is merely "opportunistic." When he says he would have voted the war
> authorization regardless of the facts; that he wants to double the Special
> Forces and increase troop deployment to Iraq by 40,000; and, to increase
> powers of domestic anti-terror forces, any rational individual ought to
take him at
> his word. He's only consistent with the 2000 Democratic Party Platform.
> he, or Gore, have invaded Iraq? In a New York minute, if they thought the
> security of US global interests required it. This continuing refusal to
> brute reality by so called leftists is beyond embarrasing. We've seen it
> before, nicht wahr?
> Ilyenkova

We can agree that Kerry or Gore would have invaded Iraq in a New York
minute -- "if they thought the security of US global interests required it"
(double underline). That is what we were considering, without in any way
meaning to insult the intelligence of the list. Try to keep calm, my friend.


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