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stansmith44 stansmith44 at ameritech.net
Wed Aug 11 23:57:03 MDT 2004

Kerry has adapted Bush's program so whether Bush is defeated or not, his program - the American rulers' program lives on. The only defeat going to be suffered in this election is our own. Look at how many people who do not support the Democratic Party as a solution for anything are now working to defeat Bush in this election. How many millions of human hours are wasted across the country by these people engaged in working to defeat Bush. Look how many millions of dollars they are giving to the Kerry campaign. It is a scandalous waste of time and money by those of us who consider ourselves committed anti-imperialists - and there are a lot in this country. 
   How the bourgeois have suckered us into their phony election campaign, wasting our time and money on a Bush clone. How much further ahead the movement would be if we had remained clear-sighted, continued building our movements, continued building the anti-war movement. That is the only way to defeat Bush. The Kerry campaign has scored a great victory for the imperialists in setting back the anti-war movement and all anti-imperialist movements in this country. 
    A year ago the deciding issue in the election was the war and the attacks on civil liberties, such as the Patriot Act. What happened? Now the selected Democratic candidate, and his VP, are both for continuing the war and for keeping the Patriot Act. The two pressing issues in the election have now disappeared from the campaign. They are not an issue any more. These movements have suffered a serious setback. Kerry is the rulers great Piped Piper of Hamlin leading as many of us rats, as the imperialists see us, over the cliff. But he didn't do this without our willing consent, and by us I don't mean Democratic Party supporters, and I don't mean only the Anybody But Bush anti-imperialists who have betrayed their cause, but also many real honest revolutionaries who start to consider as valid the BS that Bush 2 is so bad that maybe it is better we should work just to get rid of this guy. 

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