[Marxism] Winston Churchill et al

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 12 11:54:42 MDT 2004

Jack is right about discussion her on this issue being like a Stooge 
episode.  I never wanted to make a federal case about one email quoting 
Churchill from the Nader campaign, Brian.  This thread deteriorated when I 
got falsely accused by Mark Lause of forging material to slander Nader with, 
and then gratuitously Osama baited by him to boot.  Then Lou hopped in with 
his jibes.  Some people are hyper-sensitive about any critical examination 
of where, and what, Solidarity's entryist (into Green campaigning) has led 
to.  So we deteriorate into a Three Stooge routine once again.

I certainly cut Nader and Camejo much slack.  Amy, too.  I plan to vote for 
Nader.  However, the ability to quote Winston Churchill and cheerlead 
Vicente Fox is indicative to me of some major problems with the group think 
from the Left camp of the Greens.  We have already seen the weaknesses of 
the Right camp of the Green Party, so no need to further harp on that now, 
is there?  But many contributors on this list totally downplayed the problem 
of the Green Party Right in the most recent past.

This hyper-sensitivity to critical comments about the current neo-Trot, 
entryist electoral politics comes out of the old SWP mentality in the US.  
Often times the punishment for being even slightly snide, or observant about 
new leadership political positions, as the SWP spun itself off into fantasy 
land, was expulsion.  'Leadership' had absolutely zero sense of humor when 
it came to their own buffoonery.  This utter humorlessness was their 
trademark as they made 'The Turn'.

Tony Abdo

<<Amy Auer undoubtedly just reached out and grabbed a handy quote to
rally the troops. And Churchill was good at that in his fashion. The
Nader/Camejo campaign is a broad campaign that brings in a lot of
people who don't have the time to run all their statements by an
editorial board. Plenty of mistakes of a similar nature have been made
by young (and older people) in socialist organizations, and I hope that
there will be lots more people joining in to make more.

She and others who are working so hard should be cut more slack.
To the extent that I misused the Churchill issue, I apologize.

Brian Shannon>>

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