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Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 12 12:24:12 MDT 2004

A brief reply on this one.  IMO, NAFTA had little to do with the peso crisis 
of the mid '90s.  Mexico was an economically decimated country before NAFTA. 
The country had the yoke of a one-party dictatorship whcih had destroyed the 
rural ecology and economy.  Corruption was then rampant at every level, and 
millions upon millions were already living under a desperate poverty as they 
fled the countryside.

What NAFTA did, was to simply begin to favor development in the northern 
regions of Mexico and the southern regions of the US. It worked to meld 
these 2 areas into more economic exchange.  To do this, was to add to the 
clout of Nuevo Leon and Texas, while taking some of the clout away from US 
states that had a more unionized work force than Texas and Arizona have, and 
also taking away some of the clout from the PRI federal government residing 
in Mexico City.

Further, the US bailout of the Mexican government under Clinton combined 
with the expanisionist developments of NAFTA, to further increase the real 
US control over that nominally independent country and their politics.  And 
because the US is now embedded more in Mexico than before, it now has 
somewhat extended its ability to further US imperialist intervention within 
Latin America.

This is a rather short summary of what has occurred, and is still occurring 
because of NAFTA and the bailout.

Tony Abdo
Hey you guys,

Can any of you explain me, if you find the time, what are the direct links
between the peso crisis of 1994-1995 and the NAFTA agreement? What happened?
Besides the obvious suspects -- who really gained (and lost) due to that
agreement? Can NAFTA be used as a poster child to unravel the free trade
myth? Any substantive comments, informations and/or
methodological/analytical tips will be greatly appreciated.

Eloy A. Fisher Hogan

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