[Marxism] Re Kerry would have Gone to war

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at rogers.com
Thu Aug 12 13:03:13 MDT 2004

Louis Proyect wrote:

> .>A nuclear Iran threatening genocidal strikes against Israel
> >while flirting with terror groups sworn to destroy the U.S. is not
> >exactly the kind of Middle East that Democrats want." The same thing for
> >North Korea. "Our goal must be to end North Korea's nuclear weapons
> >program and permanently eliminate its enrichment and reprocessing
> >efforts. All options must remain on the table to accomplish this." All
> >options. Get that?

To which Paul Bunyan replied:

> --With all the problems the US is having in Iraq, I'm doubtful they would
want to attack Iran, a country with 3 times the population of Iraq, and
hasn't been weakened by sanctions. Also North Korea, a country with a well
trained and motivated million man military.
> If you'll notice a pattern US "hawks" of either party cherry pick their
opponents, avoiding opponents who are perceived as being able to defend
themselves. Look at the list: Grenada, Libya, Serbia, all countries with the
exception of Iraq with populations of less than 10 million. Even in Iraq,
only 15% of the Iraqi army put up any resistance to the invasion. I suspect
quite a few Iraqi military veterans are in the ranks of the armed
resistance. I would also have to add that the Iraqi soldiers who
"disppeared" did so with their weapons.
> I would also add that in the event of a US invasion of Iran, the US would
be going it alone. In South Korea there is quite a bit of opposition to the
US using their country as a staging area for an invasion of North Korea.
This is an entirely correct analysis. There is a unfortunate
misunderstanding by some on this list that any left-wing approval of the
deep popular movement against the Bush administration is tantamount to a
positive assessment of John Kerry and the Democratic leadership and
program - and it has thrown them into a panic. So desperate are they to
demonstrate that there are, in effect, no ruling class divisions between
Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, hard cops and soft
cops, that they risk losing all perspective on how these differences can
play themselves out in relation to Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and
elsewhere. Chomsky was right to note, in this context, that "small
differences can have large outcomes" - and the Iraqis, Iranians, North
Koreans, and Cubans who have been in the gunsights of the Bush
administration since 2000 would probably concur, notwithstanding the
bellicose election material and campaign statements of the DP leadership
mailed to them in alarm by those who know better.


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