[Marxism] Is it really just a "liberal stampede"? The youth shiftfrom Bush 2000 to Kerry 2004

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at rogers.com
Thu Aug 12 15:09:02 MDT 2004

Pretty tough Bolshevik talk, I'll admit, for a supporter of the
radical-democratic Green party (Nader/Camejo faction) in the US and admirer
of the "socialist" NDP in Canada...


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> Fred Feldman wrote:
> > Frankly, the intensity of hatred and dislike for Bush has been evident
> > since the earliest antiwar demonstrations, among youth, among Blacks and
> > a growing number of Latinos, among Jews (who despite the usual rumors
> > about their swing to the neocons will probably vote Democrat at more
> > than the 70 percent rate they did in 2000), among unionized workers,
> > etc.
> Our discussions here have no relationship to the mood of such people. We
> are in a fight with rotten reformists, to use language from the musty
> past. They are the equivalent of the Russian Kadets or the Mensheviks,
> with all proportions guarded. This is not about trying to gainsay hatred
> for the Czar or his modern equivalent. It is about drawing class lines
> between Marxism and its enemies. We have our hands filled, I'm afraid.
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