[Marxism] Is it really just a "liberal stampede"?Theyouthshiftfrom Bush 2000 to Kerry 2004

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Thu Aug 12 16:11:52 MDT 2004


Explain to me what YOU mean by the petty bourgeoisie.  I know what Marx
meant a century and a half ago--largely the self-employed small
businessmen, peasant freeholders, and professionals.  Subsequently, that
social layer became as extinct as the dodo--well, at least, Siberian

So what does this term mean today, in concrete terms?

I certainly don't see any great sociological difference between the
Nader campaign and those in which I was involved on behalf of "working
class" parties in the U.S. like the SWP.  Maybe the former tend to be a
bit older and more established in what they do, but I don't see any big
class difference in composition. And if we want to bring in historic
examples like the German Social Democrats or the British Labour Party or
the Italian Communists, I think the case is even more clear.

Or is your complaint about programmatic formulation?

I'm serious.  What is the basis for this "petty bourgeois" label?


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