[Marxism] US Bolivarian Circles endorse Kerry

Fred Fuentes fuentf01 at tartarus.uwa.edu.au
Fri Aug 13 00:23:40 MDT 2004

Open Letter to John Kerry About Venezuela's Peaceful
Wednesday, Jun 16, 2004

By: Dawn Gable and Beatriz Pestana - Bolivarian
Circles of the US

Dear Mr. Kerry,

The US citizen members and supporters of the
International Bolivarian Circles of the US (social
groups that sympathize with the government of
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez) would like to openly
express our support for your candidacy, and assure you
that we will go to the polls this November to welcome
you into the Whitehouse.

As you stated so clearly in your May 27, 2004
statement on Venezuela ì[the Bush administrationís]
tacit support for the ill-conceived April 2002
military coup against Chavezî determined this long

Our members will be voting for John Kerry. . . .


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