[Marxism] Re: Fernando Claudin and the CPSU 20th Party Congress

Jack Cade jack.cade at btinternet.com
Fri Aug 13 02:27:26 MDT 2004

	My thanks for this invaluable research.
	Claudin finished 'The Communist Movement' (Single or second
volume depending on what edition you have) with this promise:

	"The secret of the Stalinist party's enormous alienating power
over successive generations of revolutionaries was its status as the
embodiment of a great myth. This myth grew out of an event which, more
than any other in the twentieth century, aroused the hopes and illusions
of the proletarian masses and all progressive forces, the October
revolution.  According to the myth, there was being built in the Soviet
Union the first society not based on exploitation of man by man, the
first society based on real equality and freedom. This great myth
created another, that the Stalinist party was the unchallengeable bearer
of revolutionary Marxism. For this reason, even when the crisis of the
Stalinist party began to show itself, first in the Communist
International and later in the national parties, in the process which
has been analysed in this book, the crisis could not enter its decisive
stage until the great myth had been shattered. This is the historic
importance of Khrushchev's 'secret report'. Khrushchev's report begins
the stage of general crisis in the Communist movement, which will be the
subject of a subsequent book."

	'The Communist Movement' was published in Spanish in 1970 and
came out in English in 1975. 'Eurocommunism and Socialism' was published
in Spanish in 1977 and in English the following year. In my view he
misjudged what Eurocommunism was about but was intelligent enough to
detect the flaws in it, which later became apparent. In a similar way
Lukacs misjudged Solzhenitsyn in his pamphlet on him that came out in

	I shall have to improve my French or Spanish and read 'The
Opposition to 'Existing Socialism'' sometime. At least I will no longer
be looking for the 'subsequent book'.

Thanks again


> It seems that he turned his attention to the post-Stalin political 
> opposition in the USSR and the Peoples' Democratic Republics, 
> publishing 
> in 1981, "La oposición en el 'socialismo real' : Unión Soviética, 
> Hungría, Checoslovaquia, Polonia : 1953-1980", which I would 
> translate 
> as, "The Opposition to 'Existing Socialism' : Soviet Union, Hungary, 
> Czechoslovakia, Poland : 1953-1980".

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