[Marxism] Petty bourgeois - the consciousness yardstick ?

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Fri Aug 13 12:08:10 MDT 2004

Great discussion, comrades.  Just a few points as I must return to the
salt mines....

Lou, it's definitely not simply a matter as being determining
consciousness.  If it were, observed struggle would define class lines
nicely, and we would not need to have this kind of discussion.

Jurrian, what I wanted to argue was not why classes hold power the way
they do but why there is not a more overtly class conflict.  Perhaps a
more proper formulation of what I wanted to argue would be "The
viability of stable class rule in the US has always been firmly rooted
in what we used to call false consciousness . . . ."  There.  Nothing of
idealism in it.  

What Louis posted about the course of the SWP grew from a deeper history
of the broader American Left.  Each successive new layer of organization
claimed that it was more rooted in proletarian interests and values than
its predecessor.  Trots over the bureaucratic encrustations of Stalinism
on the Communist Party, the CP's proletarian revolution over sellout
Labor fakirs, etc. etc. back to the First International.  ...or earlier.

Mark L.

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