[Marxism] Meeting on Venezuealan referendum, etc.

Ernie & Jess mackenzie.tate at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 13 12:23:59 MDT 2004

Toronto subscribers to the list might find the the meeting below
of some interest.
                       Ernie Tate

A Socialist Project Special Meeting:

Resurgence of the Latin American Left as Seen in Venezuela and Ecuador:
two special reports:

1)Report-Back from Venezuela After the Chavez Referundum:

Our speakers, two well known Canadian theorists and political
activists were international observers of the referendum, invited
by Venezuela to observe the integrity of the process.

        Greg Albo and Greg Albo

2)Report-Back from the recent Social Forum of the Americas, 2004,
in Quito.

The Latin American Social Forum in was on of the most successful
ever with over ten thousand in attendance. It represented a new
phase of the radicalization in that part of the world.  Our
speakers were partipants in the event on behalf of the Centre or
ocial Justice and are reporting back on their experiences there.

Janet Conway: will talk about the remarkable indigenous presence
               at the Forum;
Carlos Torres: will address the rise of a new radicalization in
                Latin America.

            Time: Wednesday, August 25, 2004
                  7:30 PM

             Location: The Victory Cafe
             581 Markham St.

The meeting will also see the launch a new magazine: Relay, A Socialist
Project Review.

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