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Fri Aug 13 12:18:52 MDT 2004

"Petite Bourgeoisie", "New Petite Bourgeoisie/Salaried Professionals", "Labor Aristocracy", Intermediate Strata", etc etc. 

The historical fact is that the class position of anybody with US citizenship and a permanent fulltime job, in the context of "Globalization, The Latest Stage of Imperialism" (aka Global Monopoly Capitalism) is to be found somewhere in the Intermediate Strata. 

This has been the case since the founding of the Republic and before. Not to be a slave or a Jim Crow defacto slave; not to be a "Savage"  ("the only good one is a dead one") -- has always been to enjoy a privileged social position, even if the privileges were sometimes meager. 

One more time, let me direct the discussants' attention to the work done on these questions by Irwin Silber and the Line of March group back in the 80's, under the title "The Labor Aristocracy: the Material Basis for Opportunism in the Labor Movement" , pts I, II, & III.; c.f. "Line of March, A Marxist-Leninist Journal of Rectification", issues 11, 12, & 13/14, which came out in summer  & fall 1982 & spring 1983.

Capitalism is Global; therefore the Class Structure and the Class Struggle is  only understandable if seen from a Global perspective. 

First you have to locate the Principal Contradiction, and do so accurately. All else flows from how the analysis makes that all-important determination. 

PS: Paulsen is right: you need to approach class analysis with the tools provided by E O Wright -- whose work is based on that of Nicos Poulantzas and his followers, which I'd strongly recommend reading in order to appreciate Wright's contributions. 

Why flail around trying to reinvent the wheel, when many of these questions re "dual class positions" etc have been dissected down to the nano level already? 

But lemme outa here -- I gotta make a flier for the Clarence Thomas/MWM event we're having at the Local 17 hall on Sept 16.

Ciao Pues -- 

Dan Elliott

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