[Marxism] "Fallujah stands by Najaf against America": protests across Iraq

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Aug 13 12:36:13 MDT 2004

The most important protest was probably the one in Fallujah.  The  US
game plan seems to be to beat down  Sadr in Najaf, then in Baghdad, and
then move on the Sunni resistance in Fallujah.  Fortunately, the Sunnis
and Shias seem to be getting the hang-together-or-hang-separately
message as they did during the last upsurge.

The high council of Sunni religious leaders has also condemned the US
attack on Najaf.

The latest reports are that the US has halted fighting again to allow
negotiations.  The delays are clearly forced on them by the resistance,
but each delay so far buys time for the protests to spread and the
resistance to toughen.  In  raw military power, Washington CAN crush
Sadr's forces in Najaf.  But can they pay the ever-rising price of
Fred Feldman

Protests erupt across Iraq over Najaf
Fri 13 August, 2004 12:27 

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Mass protests against the U.S. assault on the sacred

Shi'ite Muslim city of Najaf have broken out in five Iraqi cities, with
demonstrators calling for interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi to step

In one of the biggest protests on Friday, enraged Iraqis in the southern
of Diwaniya swarmed over the local office of his political party,
down signs and throwing rocks. 

A military offensive by U.S. and Iraqi forces against militiamen of
Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr has inflamed passions among Iraq's

Thousands also protested in central Baghdad, Kufa and Samawa. The
campaign infuriated residents of the Sunni-dominated town of Falluja, a
of resistance. 

About 3 thousand demonstrators marched in the centre of Falluja carrying

pictures of Sadr and placards denouncing the U.S. bombing of Najaf,
where the 
cleric and his followers are surrounded. 

"Long live Sadr. Falluja stands by Najaf against America," the

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