[Marxism] Majority of Najaf council, Iraqi major-general quit to protest US offensive

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Aug 13 17:02:42 MDT 2004

Looks like the offensive is reaching catastrophe status for Washington.
Fred Feldman

Najaf Officials Quit in Protest 

    Friday 13 August 2004 

    Several Iraqi officials working within the interim government have
resigned in protest of the US-led assault on Najaf and Kut. 

    Sixteen of Najaf's 30-member provincial council resigned in protest
at the US-led assault on the Najaf as fighting between the al-Mahdi Army
loyal to Muqtada al-Sadr and US occupation forces entered its eighth

    "We have decided to resign due to what has befallen Najaf and all of
Iraq from the hasty US invasion and bombardment of Najaf," the council
said in a statement to the press. 

    The council's resignations came several hours after the deputy
governor of Najaf resigned in protest against the US offensive on the

    "I resign from my post denouncing all the US terrorist operations
that they are doing against this holy city," Jawdat Kadam Najim
al-Quraishi, deputy governor of Najaf, said on Thursday morning. 

    On Thursday evening, the director of tribal affairs at the Iraqi
Interior ministry announced his resignation through Aljazeera and said
he could no longer work with the interim government in good faith given
the "carnage and barbaric aggression of the US-led forces in Najaf". 

    "I am a part of this nation, I am a part of these people. My fellow
tribesmen are now fighting in Najaf and Sadr city," said Major-General
Marid Abd al-Hasan. 

    Basra threat
    Meanwhile, Basra's deputy governor for administrative affairs, Hajj
Salam Awdeh al-Maliky, warned that he may openly join al-Sadr's fight if
his offer to send 1000 Iraqi police, special security and national
guardsmen to Najaf is refused by the interim government of Prime
Minister Iyad Allawi. 

    Some national guardsmen in Basra had even said they would not
hesitate to join al-Sadr's militia if al-Maliky's offer was rejected. 

    Al-Maliky had warned that Basra would turn into a battlefield if US
occupation forces stormed the inner sanctum of Najaf. 

    "Basra will become another Najaf," he said.


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