[Marxism] THE MILITANT: "Fahrenheit 9/11': a pro-imperialist screed

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 13 19:35:47 MDT 2004

This was posted to the World Wide Web today,
Friday August 13, 2004. Includes the SWP's
continued DENIAL of the fact that George W. 
Bush stole the US election of 2000, a view
they have maintained since that election. 

'Fahrenheit 9/11': a pro-imperialist screed
aimed at electing Kerry"

Oh, well, it's on the same level as how the rescue
of Elian Gonzalez was "a blow to the working class"

The Spartacists make a similar case, but in a far
more intelligent, thoughtful and nuanced manner:

Walter Lippmann

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