[Marxism] Re: THE MILITANT: "Fahrenheit 9/11': a pro-imperialist screed"

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Aug 13 21:23:25 MDT 2004

I forgot to mention that the Militant reviewer Martin Koppel, falsely
charging that Fahrenheit 9/11 portrays Bush as stupid, puts the word
"stupid" in quotation marks.
Yet noone in the movie uses that word to describe Bush. And in my
opinion NOTHING Bush does in the movie is or sounds stupid.  (There are
millions of people in the United States, who would make much better
presidents than Bush or Kerry, who stumble over words or make slips of
the tongue as much or more than he does.)  And hardly any reviewers of
9/11, favorable or otherwise, have used the word stupid to describe the
portrayal of Bush in the movie.
Apparently the Militant reviewer thinks that Bush looks "stupid" in the
movie, but not wanting to find himself on trial by the Political
Committee, doesn't note his judgment. Instead he denounces Moore for
portraying Bush as "stupid", clearly indicating that this is a quote
from Moore or someone else speaking in the film,  whereas, as far as I
know, Moore has never made that charge against Bush in the movie or out.
And very few reviewers have portrayed the movie as showing that Bush is
stupid.  Of course, top SWP leaders in the Barnes era tend -- in my
'umble opinion -- to be intellectual snobs, so it is perhaps natural
that they would misinterpret the movie's portrayal of Bush in this way.
But that doesn't justify presenting the word as a quote from the movie.
This is just a point on the disintegrating reliability  of the Militant
in factual matters.  It is a paper in which political line determines
facts, not the other way around.
Fred Feldman

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