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>We have just learned that IWW member Daniel Gross, one of the
>Starbucks workers in New York City that has helped spark a national
>campaign to organize the world’s largest coffee chain, is under attack.
>Fellow Worker Gross was served yesterday at work with a two page
>final warning before termination filled with outright falsehoods and
>blatant distortions of fact. As the Labor Board is currently
>investigating unfair labor practices by Starbucks, it is clear that the
>company, on the advice of its union-busting lawyers, is
>“packing the file” before a seemingly inevitable firing.
>The most serious allegation against Daniel like all the others is
>provably false. The company maintains that Daniel obstructed the
>entrance and exit of customers at a Starbucks where he participated
>in a union rally. The occasion was a protest at the home store of
>Fabian Vera, the manager that has served as a full-time union
>buster at the location where Daniel works. Workers and supporters
>were informing employees and customers at the store that Mr. Vera
>had engaged in intimidation and harassment as part of
>Starbucks’ all out assault on the union effort. An IWW member
>was videotaping the event and the tape shows conclusively that Mr.
>Gross was not blocking the entrance. Everyone present at the rally
>can attest to it as well. Of course, Starbucks has no interest in the
>truth but merely wants to silence one of the workers organizing to
>rise out of poverty.
>Tellingly, this same week Daniel made a public statement regarding
>the NLRB’s acceptance of Starbucks’ appeal of the
>decision that enabled an election at a single store in the chain.
>Because the acceptance of the appeal would cause a several year
>delay, workers were compelled to pull their petition for an election
>in favor of a direct action approach to win demands in a meaningful
>time frame. Starbucks had hoped they could beat the union with its
>crude legal weaponry. Daniel confirmed though that workers will
>fight on until respect and dignity are won.
>If Starbucks feels enough pressure, we believe Daniel’s
>termination can be averted. He could be fired anytime so it’s
>absolutely critical to take action NOW before it’s too late.
>Please accept our urgent request for solidarity by taking the
>following actions:
>1. Contact Candace Nunnally the District Manager that served
>Daniel Gross to demand that he not be terminated and that the
>company respects the right of all workers to form a union. Tell her
>you are committed to taking actions against Starbucks if Daniel is
>fired including boycotting the company if the workers call for it.
>Call her repeatedly until she gets the message at 212-613-1280 Ext.
>2216. You can also e-mail her repeatedly at
>cnunally at starbucks.com.
>2. Contact Starbucks Headquarters and tell them the same. Call
>them repeatedly at 800-235-2883 to make sure they get the
>3. If you are planning to be in New York City for the Republic
>National Convention, attend the protest condemning the Bush
>Administration’s intervention on behalf of Starbucks against
>the IWW. Saturday Aug. 28 at 2 pm at the Starbucks on 36th and
>Madison in Manhattan.
>4. Distribute this message widely and encourage others to
>Starbucks Workers Union of the IWW IU/660
>[Ed. note: IWW the Industrial Workers of the World
>is antiauthoritarian anticapitalist - direct action
>workers union.
>From: http://iww.org :
>Where We Stand
>The working class and the employing
>class have nothing in common. There
>can be no peace so long as hunger
>and want are found among millions
>of the working people and the few,
>who make up the employing class,
>have all the good things of life.
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