[Marxism] Million Worker March

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Sat Aug 14 11:29:35 MDT 2004

I think people should take Scot's comments sersiously. The Million Worker March 
is unique, as far as I can tell. The MWM is rank-and-file initiated, not 
something that comes out of the various union headquarters in DC.

Scot posted the main planks of the march. What's not mentioned is that there 
WILL BE NO POLITIICIANS allowed to speak. This reflects the organizers discust 
at politics as they are, their support for independent working class political 
action, and their understanding that most unions still support the Democrats. 
There will be speakers articulating all political points of view, however.

This is an amazing advance over most union rallies going back to Solidarity Day 
in 1980 which for the most part was still a Democratic party cluster-fuck.

Despite the AFL-CIO's opposition, the MWM has continued to win endorsement, 
especially from public sector unions on the East coast.

I urge participants here on this list to form organizing committees for the MWM 
in your union or city.

David Walters

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