[Marxism] Million Worker March

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 14 15:15:18 MDT 2004

Having read the literature at the MWM website, I'm at once
favorably impressed by the programmatic documentation and at
the same time have a few questions regarding it's broadness.
These are NOT criticisms, just questions, since I'm not at
this time involved in the

The literature I've seen and the web-page at which I glanced
http://www.millionworkermarch.org/ contains a large number of
names, both familiar and unfamiliar. How many of these will 
devote resources and assist their members to participate?

I clicked on several of the AFSCME locals listed on the page
of endorsements, and they're all campaigning for John Kerry,
which is entirely understandable as AFL-CIO unions, that's
what they're committed to doing. The demands listed in the
web page are excellent and would be entirely appropriate for
a Revolutionary Party. These are outstanding demands and 
I personally endorse the entire platform. 

For example: "Open the books on the secret budgets of the
Pentagon and the intelligence agencies in the service of 
corporations and banks and the pursuit of imperial war 
on the poor everywhere."

For example: "The cancellation of all corporate "free" 
trade agreements, including NAFTA, MAI and FTAA."

With a platform like this, and given the EXPLICIT REJECTION
OF SUPPORT FOR THE MARCH by the national AFL-CIA apparatus,
how much support will union locals, councils and regional
and national bodies be devoting to this march? It's unclear.

What is going to prevent this activity from being yet another
well-intended but politically narrow and numerically modest 
endeavor of the kind we've all seen many times before? 

Utah Phillips is a completely wonderful singer.

Walter Lippmann

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