[Marxism] Re: Mark Lause on sociology as "unscientific" and "bourgeois"

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JB> A case could be made that some sociological research is specifically
JB> "bourgeois" in its perspective, method, goals or staffing, but this
JB> does not make all sociology as discipline "bourgeois" in principle,
JB> nor does it prove that the research is thereby invalid.

   Replace "some" by "most", and I agree.

   The problem is, the closer a science is to acual social relations,  
the more it is subject of ideological deformation.

   Since Marx published his master work, economic "science" at  
universities is nothing more than production of ideology --  
obfuscating the reality of class relations (I have studied national  
economy myself...), with a few exceptions of professors who have been  
swept into their posts by the pressure of the student radicalization  
of the 60ies and 70ies.

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