[Marxism] Ecological Economics vs The Misevaluation of Value by the Traditionalists

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Sun Aug 15 18:41:46 MDT 2004

Tony writes:

"In essentiality, it merely states that if we can't quantify it in 
dollars and cents, then we should just ignore any other concerns as 
having no value!"

With some diffidence in jumping in on a question of political economy, 
it seems to me to be to be a question of language. You want to 
appropriate the word "value" for purposes entirely different from 
understanding the laws of motion of capitalist economy. Thus your 
interest in "other concerns." Of course, the long-range interests of 
humanity means that we have interests other than the operation of 
capitalist economics. But in Das Kapital, Marx was discussing something 
entirely different.

Yet therein Marx also effectively described, to the extent that it was 
evident in his day, the terrible human losses and ecological 
destruction that went along with the rise of the domination of Capital. 
There probably were even in his day, socialists who protested that he 
was too narrow--another "dismal scientist."

Isn't this a modern restatement of the difference between Utopian 
socialists and Marxists? Personally, I claim to be both.

from Brian Shannon

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