[Marxism] Re: Ecological Economics vs The Misevaluation of Value:

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 15 21:25:00 MDT 2004

Answering who gives a fuck....?

Comrades, friends...
There comes a point in a debate when it ceases to be a debate and
degenerates, instead, into an exercise in intellectual masturbation. Tell me 
a worker, or member of an oppressed community, struggling to make ends meet, 
who could give a fuck about Ecological Economics vs The Misevaluation
of Value?
Scott, your answer is ME. You made me want to laugh though.  There's a lot 
going on these days, and maybe this is not the best value at the time, to 
talk value.  But let me give you yet another answer, My Friend.  Because you 
got a lot of 'worker' crap up their clouding your view.

Some of my coworkers do occasionally show deep concern about ecological 
economics and values.  They go to church, sometimes volunteer on litter 
campaigns,and the more radical ones here in Texas might even occasionally 
talk about things like 'Smart Growth"!   But just in Austin that.

If you had a kid, what do you think is the value of having sidewalks in your 
community? Should we just be building more highways so that the the traffic 
can get to the new malls?  Sorry, I don't want to distract you from having 
beer with the woikers, or talking up the football results, Dude.  But we 
woikers do like to talk about values occasionally.   Especially them moral 

I even like to mention occasionally, that it's a shame the kids are growing 
up with so much misevaluaion of value going on.  And a lot of them tell me 
their own stories abvout that, too.  Then I sneak in a thing or two about 
the Labor Theory of Value.  It gets all the guys and gals just rolling 
around in laughter.

Adelante!   Tony

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