[Marxism] Uh, Ah Chavez no se va! Chavez has 58% majority!

Federico Adrian Fuentes fuentf01 at tartarus.uwa.edu.au
Mon Aug 16 03:11:18 MDT 2004

Reports are starting to appear on Venezuelanaylsis.com, Reuters, BBC and
Bloomberg that Cahvez has won! The "no" option obtained 4,991,483 votes
representing 58.95%. The "yes" option obtained 3,576,517 votes, representing
41.74% (which from memory is less votes than need even if they had won?).
It seems it is not just the venezuelan poor who are happy, as oil prices have
gone down. The two opposition supporters on the electoral commission (CNE)
voted against results.
Oh, Ah Chavez no se va!

Will continue in office until 2006
Venezuela's Chavez Wins Recall Vote
Monday, Aug 16, 2004

By: Martin Sanchez, Venezuelanalysis.com

Caracas, Venezuela. Aug 16. (Venezuelanalysis.com).- At 4:03AM,
Venezuela's National Electoral Council (CNE) announced that according to
preliminary results, Venezuelan opposition to President Hugo Chavez will
continue his term until 2006.

The announcement was made by the CNE President Francisco Carrasquero,
and it was preceded by a separate announcement by CNE board members
Sobella Mejias and Ezequiel Zamora, who cited technical reasons to question=

the announcement to be made by Carrasquero. Both Mejia and Zamora are
believed to be aligned with the opposition.

According to the numbers, obtained from a tally count of 94,49% of ballots =

from automatic voting machines, the opposition failed to obtain more votes =

that those who wanted Chavez to stay. The "no" option obtained 4,991,483
votes representing 58.95%. The "yes" option obtained 3,576,517 votes,
representing 41.74%.

Manual count of votes from rural and low income urban areas where Chavez
has widespread support, and where authomatic machines were not used,
could increase Chavez's margin of victory.

Delays in the annoucement of the results are believe to be caused by intens=
negotiations between the Carter Center and the Organization of America
States election observing missions with the opposition coalition Democratic=

Coordinator to convince them to accept Chavez's victory.

After almost six years in office, the South American leader has managed to =

hold up his popular support as he obtained 56% in the 1998 elections and
59% in the 2000 re-election.

After numerous attempts to remove Chavez from power though
unconstitutional means, including a coup d'etat, illegal strikes, and a
management-led shutdown of the state oil company, the opposition put all
their hopes in the recall referendum to oust the charismatic leader.

The recall referendum represents the eight electoral victory of Chavez or h=
party in the last six years.


Crude Oil Falls From Record After Chavez Wins Recall Vote

Aug. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Crude oil futures fell from record highs after
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez won a referendum that might have
removed him from office.

The motion to recall Chavez was rejected by 58 percent of voters, the
National Electoral Council said. Oil had risen earlier on concern that supply
might be disrupted in Venezuela, the fourth- largest exporter to the U.S.,
because of violence surrounding voting.

``He's won the referendum, the oil market is moving lower, which is a move
that should be expected on this news,'' said Paul Goodhew, a broker at GNI/
Man Financial in London.

Crude oil for September delivery fell 38 cents to $46.20 a barrel in after-

electronic trading on the New York Mercantile Exchange at 9:16 a.m. London
time. Earlier it had risen to $46.91 a barrel, the highest intraday price since
futures began trading in 1983.

In London, Brent crude oil for September delivery, which expires today, was
down 45 cents at $43.43 a barrel on the International Petroleum Exchange at
9:16 a.m.

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Chavez 'winning' Venezuela poll
Preliminary results from Venezuela suggest President Hugo Chavez will win
a referendum on his rule, election authorities say.

Officials from the National Electoral Council said that, with 94% of ballots
counted, Mr Chavez had 58% of the vote.

But there were reports that opposition members on the council had rejected
the partial result.

Opponents accuse Mr Chavez of authoritarianism, but he has a passionate
following among the poor.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Chavez Wins Venezuela Referendum-Preliminary Result
Mon Aug 16, 2004 04:32 AM ET
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has
survived a referendum to recall him, according to preliminary results released
by the country's top electoral officer on Monday.

National Electoral Council President Francisco Carrasquero said in a national
broadcast the "No" option opposing Chavez's recall had obtained just over 58
percent of the vote, while the "Yes" vote obtained nearly 42 percent.

But two pro-opposition electoral officials questioned the result.

Shortly before Carrasquero made the announcement, two members of the
five-member National Electoral Council leadership said they could not back
the result.

Ezequiel Zamora and Solbella Mejias, both known opposition sympathizers,
said procedural checks had not been carried out on the results as required.

"These partial results that part of the National Electoral Council wants to
present to the public cannot be considered official," Mejias said.

OAS Secretary General Cesar Gaviria announced on Sunday that the
referendum results will be trustworthy.

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