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August 16, 2004 -- In this issue:

Note from the Editor: Whether the public, and not just the American 
public but the entire world, begins to wake up to the current actualities 
that confront us all; whether the main media and the "palatial 
intellectuals" are finally going to face up to those actualities (a doubtful 
proposition); one thing is becoming obvious. People in the alternative 
media, on the Internet, are increasingly getting to the heart of those 
actualities. See for example, the must-read analysis by Stan Goff 
published on August 13, 2004 on Counterpunch -- yes, yes, it's not 
on Swans, but please take the time to read his very comprehensive 
work on energy (http://www.counterpunch.org/goff08132004.html). 
Perhaps this is wishful thinking, but it appears that an increasing 
number of people are indeed getting it. So, allow us to add our voices 
to the choir.  

Michael Doliner begins by quoting Marguerite Yourcenar and goes on 
delineating and choreographing the startling similarities between the 
decline of the Roman Empire and that of the U.S., as well as the 
current multi-facetted crisis we are all facing. Tim Keane, a new 
contributor, offers a keen analysis of the mushrooming religious 
fundamentalism (of all creeds) as he scrutinizes the work of Islamic 
scholar Malise Ruthven, "A Fury for God." Ruthven presents his 
narrative of the forces that led to 9/11 (those of you who follow the 
work of Milo Clark will find much commonality), with a display of 
knowledge that eulogists of empire such as Niall Ferguson would be 
well inspired to emulate.  

People of the South also get it, and as subjects of the empire, they 
raise their voices with more and more clarity -- and intensity. 
Arundhati Roy is undoubtedly such a person. Her conversations with 
David Barsamian, chronicled in "The Checkbook and the Cruise 
Missile," are wide-ranging, passionate and right to the point -- and 
worthy of your time.  

Richard Macintosh, facing the militarization of the U.S. -- a police 
state in all but name -- calls for breaking out of the cages in which the 
ideologues and their Fritz-helmet police are locking us. Phil 
Rockstroh, in his unique way, connects with Arundhati Roy by casting 
off the fear of being an outcast and joining the anarchic independence 
of the wild, which, in small or large part, is in each of us. Obedience 
to our corporatist masters is not a genetic feature! Milo Clark joins 
Richard and Phil in showing the long descent of the U.S., once 
considered as Beacon (was it not a myth?), into its present stage of 
decomposition, and makes a few suggestions, starting with getting rid 
of Mr. Bush and the neocons. Manuel García puts forward his own 
prescription for a non-violent revolution that would "overturn 
bipartisan imperialist, corporate-owned politics, and establish a Green 
Socialized economy."  

Left much under the radar screen, and for cause, is Slobodan 
Milosevic (remember him?) and the fiasco of the kangaroo court in 
The Hague. John Steppling will bring you up to speed on this travesty 
of justice and historical revisionism. And Philip Greenspan dares say 
out loud what everybody knows but keeps quiet about, the long- 
running Zionist effort to play the anti-Semitic (anti-Judaic, to be once 
again precise) card in order to increase the population of Israel. Here 
now, Philip, you must be a self-hating Jew!  

Gerard Donnelly Smith heard Mr. Kerry speak about religion in 
Boston and felt compelled to write the poem, "God On Our Side." 
Robert Rosenberg, of Ariga's fame brings a touch of sensitivity in his 
first poetic contribution. And we end with a volley of letters, including 
Steppling's regular review.  

This issue is packed; plenty to read and think about. We are taking a 
week off and we'll be back on September 6. As always, please form 
your OWN opinion, and let your friends (and foes) know about 


Here are the links to all the pieces:

Historia Bush
- by Michael Doliner

God Help Us
Malise Ruthven's "A Fury for God: The Islamist Attack on America"
- Book Review by Tim Keane

The Journey Toward Justice
"The Checkbook and the Cruise Missile," Conversations with 
Arundhati Roy.
- Book Review by Gilles d'Aymery

Courage III
- by Richard Macintosh

A Thing That Waits For Lunch
- by Phil Rockstroh

Beginning Of The End Or End Of The Beginning?
- by Milo Clark

Outline For Revolution
- by Manuel Garcia, Jr.

The Debacle At The Hague
- by John Steppling

Sharon, Israel, And Anti-Semitism
- by Philip Greenspan

God On Our Side
- Poem by Gerard Donnelly Smith

The Precision With Which Love Invents
- Poem by Robert Rosenberg

Letters to the Editor


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