[Marxism] NYT spinning the news from Venezuela

Lou Paulsen loupaulsen at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 16 09:05:37 MDT 2004

What do you say when your enemy wins a landslide vote?  You say that
his glass isn't 58% full, but 42% empty.  As Juan Forero writes in the
New York Times:


'But the voting, if anything, showed clearly that millions of
Venezuelans — not just the very rich, as Mr. Chávez contends — want him

'So though the opposition seems to have fallen short, it has clearly
demonstrated to the government that it has alienated much of the
populace. Mr. Chávez's challenge will, in part, be to show that he can
be conciliatory, instead of demeaning, as many Venezuelans charge. Some
political analysts, even those who see positive policies in the Chávez
government, believe it may be hard for the president.'

Lou Paulsen

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