[Marxism] NYT spinning the news from Venezuela

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 16 09:46:44 MDT 2004

Les wrote:

the Times headline was "Chavez Claims Victory ..."

Well, either they've changed it online, or Les was referring the print 
edition, because the current online leadline reads "Chávez Is Declared the 
Winner in Venezuela Referendum" which is, of course, still less than the 
"XXX wins in landslide" headline we'd see if a similar result occured in the 
United States, or in another country where the electee was a favored son of 
the U.S.

And, in fairness to the NYT (not sure why I should be fair, but anyway...), 
the paragraphs cited by Lou about how more than just the "very rich" voted 
against Chavez, were the fourth and third to last paragraphs in a fairly 
long article.

I found even more telling than the reporter's statements the statements from 
Larry Birns, director of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs, who is a 
frequent source on progressive radio:
"He cannot resist a fight," Larry Birns, director of the Council on 
Hemispheric Affairs, a Washington-based policy group, said in a recent 
interview. "He's a taunting man, with almost a kind of childish 

Mr. Birns added that Mr. Chávez must learn that his mannerisms infuriate 
opponents, to the point where it is counterproductive for his own 
government. "Is he wise enough to learn?" Mr. Birns wondered.
Talk about arrogant Americans. Go Cheney yourself, Mr. Birns.

An amusing sidenote to the story was pointed out on Left I on the News 
where you'll find the links to what I'm about to write:

Reuters says "Chavez, dressed in a red shirt, appeared on the balcony of his 
Miraflores presidential palace in downtown Caracas on Monday and led 
hundreds of supporters in singing the national anthem before dawn." The 
Voice of America describes what is presumably the same event this way: 
"Leading his supporters in a partisan folk song, President Chavez appeared 
at four-thirty in the morning on a balcony at the Miraflores presidential 
palace." So evidently the national anthem is a partisan folk song.

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