[Marxism] My spin the fracas in Caracas

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Mon Aug 16 12:57:42 MDT 2004

By any stretch, this is a landside with historic implications. Essentially 
using a 'bourgeois' form of decision making, there was a massive vote for 
socialism and rejecting US imperialism. I wish I was in the streets with the 
working class of Caracas celebrating and getting wasted on rum and bear (albeit 
the only photo of people drinking there were celebrants drinking bottled water, 
oh well, not every revolution is peferct:)

But...there are over 3 and half MILLION opponents of the revolution, about 40% 
of the population. This means that millions more working people need to be won 
over to the revolution, after all, this 'base' of opposition is also the base 
for more drastic attacks on the revolution there. This means we can't turn the 
page and forget about Venezuela, we know imperialism won't. 

So, we should continue, here, to participate in Venezuelan solidarity 
committees, trade union delegations, etc to continue to popularize the gains of 
the revolution and oppose US imperialist interests there.


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