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Left Hook

Last Release: Monday, August 16, 2004

The Left's Rotten Rallying Cry of Retreat: Cowardice is Not a Strategy

| M. Junaid Alam |

Bracing against a German assault that swiftly and brutally tore through
western Russia in the summer of 1941, Josef Stalin remarked, "In the
Soviet army it takes more courage to retreat than advance." Today many
radicals have joined the liberals and chattering classes in imagining
themselves as partaking in an equally epic struggle with similar
tactics; the Bush regime is Hitlerism reborn, an evil menace that can
only be swept away by first retreating from many of the values and
causes which they once rallied around in defense of the oppressed and

But whereas the Red Army only ceded ground to reorganize and make a
stronger stand around defensible positions, the battle cry of "Anybody
But Bush" sends its adherents scurrying towards a candidate and party
which have - in no uncertain terms - fully endorsed and vowed to
continue perpetrating the two most morally indefensible and politically
disastrous tragedies of our time: the occupation of Iraq and Palestine.
This hardly concerns our ABB intelligentsia: so entranced by their
fanatical fear, zealous hatred, and personal demonization of George
Bush, they have decided that removing him from power justifies
abandoning any actual political position.

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Electoral Pains and Movement Gains: Why the 2004 Election Pretty Much Sucks

| Joshua Frank |

The stench is dizzying. It’s almost too much to bear. Progressive voters
are having a more than difficult time justifying their support for the
rot we call the Democratic Party -- as the John-John ticket has few
redeeming qualities, if any.

Then again this George W. Bush boob is pretty fricken scary, isn't he?
He lied, and drove our country into an unnecessary war. He hates
minorities and despises gays. He cares little for the environment
(unless it can turn him and his pals an oily buck of course). He
believes the government has the right to spy on its citizens. He thinks
the poor and working class deserve their wretched poverty. And the list
goes on.

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Poems from Two Soldiers in Iraq

I never knew the man I killed
on that Arabian summer day.
I never knew the pain he felt
as his life had slipped away.
I never knew his children lost
by bullets aimed astray.
I never saw his crying wife
when she heard the news that day.

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Where the Killing Starts: Reporting for Duty

| Media Lens |

The statistics of death in Baghdad are now “beyond shame,” Robert Fisk
writes in the Independent. In the first three weeks of July there were
506 violent deaths in Baghdad alone: “Even the Iraqi officials here
shake their heads in disbelief.” (Fisk, “Baghdad is a city that reeks
with the stench of the dead,” The Independent, July 28, 2004)

Before last year’s invasion, Baghdad’s morgue investigated an average of
20 deaths a month caused by firearms. In June 2003, that number rose to
389 and in August it reached 518. (Jeffrey Fleishman, “Baghdad's Packed
Morgue Marks a City's Descent Into Lawlessness,” Los Angeles Times,
September 16, 2003)

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