[Marxism] NYT spinning the news from Venezuela

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 16 22:19:42 MDT 2004

Bob Herbert's excellent and timely column makes Ricardo
Alarcon's proposal all the more timely. Particularly now
that the Carter Center and the OAS have completed their
work in Venezuela, where they played a positive role, a
situation even more urgently crying out for international
observation is unfolding right here at home in Florida:

The big story out of Florida over the weekend was the
tragic devastation caused by Hurricane Charley. But there's
another story from Florida that deserves our attention.

State police officers have gone into the homes of elderly
black voters in Orlando and interrogated them as part of an
odd "investigation" that has frightened many voters,
intimidated elderly volunteers and thrown a chill over
efforts to get out the black vote in November. <<<<<


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