[Marxism] NYT spinning the news from Venezuela

Xxxxxx Xxxxxxxx rakeshb at stanford.edu
Tue Aug 17 00:28:15 MDT 2004

Fred Feldman wrote:

>In my opinion, a profound revolutionary process has already taken place
>in Venezuela and, obviously, is still taking place.. It is worth keeping
>in mind that Tariq's description of Chavez's views as social democracy
>is not Chavez's interpretation, but Tariq's.  The fact that at one brief
>point free medical care was the position of a Labour government in
>Britain doesn't tell us that the expansion of medical care in Venezuela
>is the same thing.  In the imperialist country, this is partly the
>redistribution of the superprofits of imperialism to quiet the workers.
>But this is the distribution of the profits extracted from semicolonial
>people to benefit the people.  Not the same thing.
Would you kindly specify the ultimate source of the rent that Chavez 
has appropriated (through Mommer's royalty system as opposed to the 
old profit sharing deals) and expended?


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