[Marxism] Plan Ibarretxe - English translation

Ed George edgeorge at usuarios.retecal.es
Tue Aug 17 10:33:37 MDT 2004

In the article on Spanish state politics I posted her at the beginning
of last month, I made reference to the 'Plan Ibarretxe':

'[...] in September 2002 the PNV [Basque Nationalist Party]'s Juan José
Ibarretxe, who had continued in the post of lehendakari [Basque First
Minister], put forward the project of a new Basque autonomy statute. The
resulting draft document, issued a year later under the title of
'Propuesta de Estatuto Político de la Comunidad de Euskadi', but known
more commonly as 'el plan Ibarretxe', proposes, amongst other measures,
that the existing Comunidad Autónoma Vasca would have what it calls
'associate sovereign status' with Spain, and that it would have the
right to determine its own relations, not only with the rest of Spain as
a whole, but with other Basque territories, including Navarra and the
French Basque territories, and with other entities - other nations, the
European Union, etc.  The document is currently passing through the
Basque parliament in its drafting phase, and is scheduled to be
presented to the parliament for approval at the end of this year. The
proposal is that the text finally approved by the parliament will be
subject of a popular referendum some time next spring.'

I noted then that I was not aware of an English transltion of the
document. Subsequently, I have come across one here:

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