[Marxism] NJ peace group orienting to RNC events on antiwar basis

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Aug 17 14:59:41 MDT 2004

Following is nother bit of evidence that what is shaping up for the
Republican National Convention is an ANTIWAR anti-Bush action -- a
notice of a pre-RNC event called by a New Jersey peace coalition that
has taken a liberal ABB line.  From what I can tell, events building up
to the event are antiwar, not simply anti-Bush in character.
On one level, I probably underestimated the ranks of the movement in
thinking that it might turn out otherwise -- that the whole movement or
the bulk of it would really yield to Kerry's preference for silence on
this issue, while he pushes his version of the Bush line.  
But also I think the events in Najaf are clearly reminding everybody
that there is a war and that it is still the central issue facing the
United States and the world.  In addition, I think Kerry pushed too hard
in stressing his support for the war -- he went too far for the New York
Times and the Nation, for instance -- and that much of the mainstream
pro-Kerry antiwar forces are feeling an urge to push back and firmly
assert their position once again.
That is fine by me, of course.
Anyway, all of us who have been assuming that the anti-Bush protest in
New York on August 29 might NOT be a massive antiwar protest should
reorient our thinking and act accordingly. ALL OUT ON AUGUST 29!
Fred Feldman
Notice e-mailed by New Jersey Peace Action
Please join us for a Pre-RNC event.  On Saturday, August 28th from 10am
to 1pm.  
The NJ Coalition Against War on Iraq is proud to present a line up of
attorneys, professors and grassroots activists to speak on the legality
of the invasion and occupation of Iraq.  We look forward to seeing you
at Rutgers Law School in Newark.

Madelyn Hoffman
Director, NJ Peace Action
89 Walnut Street
Montclair, New Jersey 07042
(973)744-3263 (phone)
(973)509-9774 (fax)

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We fear them because we don't know them. 
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