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   ueber  [Marxism] Regarding the Role of Carter and Gaviria

TA> If Walter is not being sarcastic, then let me be so, David.   The
TA> whole idea that Carter and Gaviria were have 'played a highly
TA> positive role' anywhere in Latin America really takes the cake.  In
TA> 'certifying' the validity of the Sunday Venezuelan vote, these two
TA> merely recognized the reality that a US tactic (the recall) did not
TA> work as planned.  They are only signalling to the Venezuealan Right
TA> that it is better to bide time some more once again, rather than
TA> going totally bezerk and pulling some big and stupid caper.

  Maybe, that this is their hidden motive. But the effects of their  
statement is positive as to refusing the accusation of fraud, and not  
only for Venezuela, but for the bourgeois press worldwide.

  In my view, it would also not be wise for the working and poor  
masses of Venezuela to enter today into a violent confrontation with  
those lead by the bourgeoisie. The relationship of forces not only  
within Venezela but also internationally is not so that a  
revolutionary movement could simply suppress a counterrevolutionary  
minority by force.

  I think, more time is needed to mobilize and stabilize the "self- 
empowerment" of the poor masses.

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