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Green Left Weekly #594, August 18, 2004

Michael Moore: War is for the rich!

Michael Moore's blockbuster documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 isn't just an
assault on the Bush regime and the ``war on terror'' -- it indicts the
corporate vultures who rushed to cash-in on the warmongers' post-9/11
crusade. [Full article]


End the lies! Bush and Howard must go!

On August 7, 43 former Australian military chiefs and top diplomats
issued a statement attacking Australia's Prime Minister John Howard's 
government for
joining the US-led invasion of Iraq ``on the basis of false assumptions
and the deception of the Australian people''. Howard's elite critics are
clearly worried that the crude lies peddled by the Coalition government
to justify participation in the imperialist invasion of Iraq will lead
large numbers of working-class Australians to distrust the entire
parliamentary system ? and start to organise outside it. [Full article]


International News

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# VIETNAM: Agent Orange victims sue US
# EAST TIMOR: New Timor Sea deal? 
# EAST TIMOR: Sword-Gusmao condemns Canberra's gas revenue offer


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Comment and Analysis

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# SHOCKFACTS: US pharmaceutical companies
# OUR COMMON CAUSE: A charter for workers' rights
# EDITORIAL: Another con from James Hardie?
# Ships, ports and the war of terror
# WWF forest report splits movement
# Bankstown UWS hit with cutbacks

Cultural Dissent

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# The Corporation: Diagnosis: Psychopath 
# Challenging Western media 'objectivity'
# The sinking of SIEV X: new book reveals scandal
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# Rock against the FTA 
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Regular Features

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Australian News

# End the lies and rally for truth
# Victory against fees at UWS
# Korean troops out of Iraq!
# Court rules asylum seekers can be detained forever
# `We got it wrong' on refugees says Labor candidate
# Forum discusses casualisation
# Online politics increasingly popular
# Senate outlaws same-sex marriage
# UWA academic board rejects full-fee plans
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