[Marxism] Re Tariq Ali on the Chavez victory

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Wed Aug 18 09:24:35 MDT 2004

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michele at maui.net writes:
Is this is a reformist message, flat out? A stagist message? Can he do it?

It might be either. As yet we just do not know. It seems very likely that 
Chavez is taking a lot of advice from Fidel, hopefully this includes advice on 
political strategy. There's no doubt that the opposition (backed by the CIA) is 
determined to do whatever it takes to get rid of Chavez and bring his 
Bolivarian Revolution to a halt. The fact is, however, that in Venezuela there hasn't 
been a revolution, which means that every reform and gain made is revocable. 
Chavez will have to move at some point from a social-democratic, reformist 
position to a socialist, revolutionary one at some point or risk disaster. History 
is cluttered with examples of just such a scenario as presently exists in 
Venezeula ending in defeat, with disasterous consequences. Chile, Indonesia, 
Greece, Spain...Let's hope that Venezuela doesn't join them.


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