[Marxism] Re: The Barnes School of Falsification

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 18 09:46:47 MDT 2004

--- Lueko Willms <l.willms at jpberlin.de> wrote:
>    A split occurs when a decisive part of the membership thinks that 
> they could no longer coexist with others in the same organization.  
> Sometimes a split can have healthy effects, sometimes disastrous. It 
> seens to me in hindsight, that the 1983 split in the SWP (US) was  
> rather of the latter sort.

Depends on perspective, I suppose. If you're looking at it from a
"what's good for the Party" point of view, yeah, it was disastrous. 

A lot of the expelled comrades (and even a couple of the expellers)
went on to form/join Solidarity, which has a much healthier/better
approach to labor work than the SWP. So from another perspective, it
was a good thing.

Myself, I'd prefer that the SWP would've developed some of the openness
and activism (both labor and movement) that defines Solidarity, but
"what ifs" don't really move the struggle forward. :)


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