[Marxism] Why it is important to get that Chavez is not a closet communist

Scotlive at aol.com Scotlive at aol.com
Wed Aug 18 10:16:00 MDT 2004

The point is that there HASN'T been a revolution in Venezuela. Despite it 
being painted as such, Chavez has come to power, and stayed in power, on the back 
of a reformist program. This is not to criticize Chavez but merely to point 
out that the gains made are at this point revocable. In order to make them 
irrevocable, Chavez and the Venezuelan people will sooner or later need to forego 
the constitutional process and effecdt something akin to a socialist 
revolution. The opposition (backed by the CIA) will stop at nothing to get rid of 
Chavez and everything he stands for. 

At present the US ruling class have their hands full in the Middle East. 
Chavez and Venezuela have inspired people all over Latin America. Allende did the 
same thing back in the early seventies. We can only hope that this time 
history does not repeat itself.


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