[Marxism] Re: When Left Parties are Appropriate

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 18 13:17:20 MDT 2004

Lou, I am not convinced much by what you wrote below.  I would love to see 
some greater introspection from the WWP about why your organization has been 
unable to grow, even while organizing some pretty important work.

In particularly, why is it that the WWP activites seem so concentrated on 
national mobilizations, rather than trying for more local growth regionally? 
  And why is it that we hardly ever see WWP outside of these national 
mobilizations, publicly representing themselves as a socialist organization? 
  Instead, they are always wroking through 100% WWP-controlled front groups, 
instead of in your own name, or as a member of a coalition with multi points 
of control and leadership.

This actually makes it dificult for interested people to even make contact 
with such shadowy organization.  Your offices are few and far in between.  
And when found, your members are semi clandestine almost, often not even 
working directly in the name of the WWP.

In short, there seem to be some quite definite historical policies of the 
WWP that are hung onto like with concrete, that precisely have limited WWP 
growth and greater effectiveness in the US.   Any comments here about why 
this is the case that your organization has not grown more?  Because if you 
wish for WWP to be more effective, many outside the organization would like 
for your group to be more effective, too.  So I ask these questions in 
solidarity, rather than in an effort to provoke and flame.  What needs to 
change within the WWP to make it possible to fuel more growth in membership?

Tony Abdo

Lou Paulsen..
<<Well, Scot, the REAL problem, as you recognize, is that the left
parties are all small and weak in comparison to the tasks that face us.
I promise you that you are entirely mistaken if you think that we in
WWP (and probably this goes for the other ones) are happy to be small
and ineffective and "pontificating and eating bagels" - we are not, of
course, entirely ineffective but we would be much happier to be ten
thousand times as effective as we are.>>

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