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> > The point is that there HASN'T been a revolution in Venezuela.


There has certainly NOT been a Winter Palace revolution.

Quite reasonable.  Venezuela is a tropical country.

Now, seriously:  you may have meant there has certainly NOT been a 
socialist revolution, well, you are right.

Chávez has never duped anyone: he is not a socialist.  If we were to 
judge socialism, as Venezuelans do, for the record of Venezuelan 
socialism, we would conclude that he may be quite better than that.  
Of course, there are socialists within the Revolution.  The Vice 
President, for instance.  But "socialism" and "social democracy" in 
Venezuela are spelt C, A, P.  That is, "Carlos Andrés Pérez".  Does 
this ring any bell somewhere in somebody's brain?

Yes, Chávez is NOT a "socialist".  He is simply the socially 
progressive, politically democratic, thoroughly patriotic in 
economics, leader of a Third World country which has the bad luck to 
possess a good deal of the oil that the US bourgeoisie considers its 
own property.  And who is harassed by this piece of bad luck.

It is utterly impossible to explain anyone who can't _feel in the 
guts_ what it means to live in the cerros around Caracas that Chávez 
is, "only" because of that, leading a revolution.  It's utterly 
impossible to explain that to people who don't realize that there is 
some kind of a revolution, at least "some kind of a" revolution, when 
people who have been living on a lake of oil learn to read only, say, 
at 60 and thanks to the government whose revolutionary character is 
in question.

The very fact that they can read (or see a doctor, or decide on their 
own tap water...) now, and that they could not do it before Chávez is 
a revolution for them.  Not for us, we can safely state that this is 
mere "reformism".

As I frequently say: sigh.  The gap between revolutions and 
"revolutionaries" widens up every day.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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