[Marxism] Petty-bourgeois

Joaquín jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Wed Aug 18 16:36:46 MDT 2004

>>As long as we do not use the term petit-bourgeois pejoratively, it may
be occasionally useful.  The politics of Ralph Nader, for instance, may
be usefully described as petit-bourgeois reformism, and that is one of
the reasons why I'm supporting it.<<

The "politics" of just about *anything* can be described as
"petit-bourgeois reformism." I do not believe "politics" can be usefully
analyzed on this basis, but rather on the basis of social groups in
motion and evolution.

>From that point of view, I think the questions to be asked revolve
around does Nader's campaign help or hurt motion towards working people
organizing themselves independently on the electoral arena? I think
that, and not a series of "positions" which then gets counterposed to a
laundry list of genuinely "socialist" positions, is what needs to be
looked at.


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