[Marxism] Why it is important to get that Chavez is not a closetcommunist

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Wed Aug 18 23:50:30 MDT 2004

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jbustelo at bellsouth.net writes:
I think you miss the point completely. What is taking place in Venezuela
is a revolutionary process; a breakdown in bourgeois-imperialist
political and ideological hegemony and with it the toiling masses
seizing the stage of history as its *protagonists.*

What Chávez has done has about as much to do with *reformism*  as ham
and eggs.

This is just nonsense. What it taking place in Venezuela is not a revoltuion, 
or a revolutionary process, rather it is a process of major reforms in the 
distribution of wealth and services. Social relations have not changed - the 
rich are still rich and the poor remain poor. The gap may have narrowed, but, as 
I stated, this, under a system of constitutional democracy is ultimately 
revocable. There has been no breakdown in bourgeois-imperialist hegemony. Tell me 
where that has happened? The media is still privately owned by the same class 
who've tried fair means and foul to get rid of Chavez and bring his reforms to 
a halt. The vast bulk of the country's wealth is still owned by the elite who 
owned it before. 

I admire Chavez and what he and the Venezuelan people have achieved thus far. 
However, these achievements remain at great risk. The opposition, backed by 
the US govt, have shown that they are determined to roll back the gains made. 
They have tried a coup, assassinations - Chavez cancelled a flight to the US 
some months ago claiming an attempt was planned on his life and there was the 
recent arrest of Colombian mercenaries. The demise of Allende, Arbenz, and even 
Aristide, is a warning of what can happen unless you bear down on those forces 
within the country that work in collusion with the CIA to take power. 

Until there is a qualitative change in social relations, a social revolution 
rather than merely a political one, Chavez and his progam of economic justice 
may not last. I hope it does, but the lessons of history are irrefutable.


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