[Marxism] Nicaragua and the enemies of humanity

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Thu Aug 19 02:35:14 MDT 2004

Not long ago, based on a passage from the Sandinista hymn,  there was an
interesting discussion about the term "yanqui" and who was, and was not,
the "enemy of humanity". I read the posts and my memory nagged at me.
Now I've found my 1985 travel diary and sure enough, I can contribute
something to the topic: Daniel Ortega's own take.

At the rally commemorating a strategic retreat to Masaya during the
insurrection, Ortega appeared as the keynote speaker. The slouching,
round-shouldered intellectual looking president with his glasses and
droopy moustache looked curiously  appealing next to the ramrod stiff
military types who introduced him. During his speech the crowd chanted:
"Aqui, allá, el Yanqui morirá" (Whether here or there, the Yankees will
die"). Ortega responded by stressing that the song about the "enemies of
humanity" was directed against the US imperialists, not ordinary people.
He then asked: "Are there North Americans here?"

A scattering of hands went up, including my own. Ortega declared: "These
are brothers and sisters of the Nicaraguan people."

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